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UpEquity offers 18-day closes for Cash Offer Mortgages

The UpEquity Team Oct 14, 2022

Buying a home just got even faster.

Speed is the driving force behind everything we do at UpEquity. Closing quickly gives our borrowers the ability to negotiate for a better price on their new home, and helps our real estate agent partners close more deals.

UpEquity is proud to announce that we offer an 18-day close for our Cash Offer mortgage program. The Cash Offer program gives ordinary homebuyers the speed and certainty of an all-cash offer at no additional cost.


We know that most other lenders don’t prioritize speed. According to the 2021 Origination Insight Report, the average mortgage takes 50 days. We offer our quick closes bundled with our exceptional service at no additional cost.

You might ask yourself, how is UpEquity able to do this? For one, we’ve made major investments in our technology. That allows us to immediately evaluate applications, even without a manual underwriter review. We’ve sped up our closing process and introduced table funding in most states. And finally, we’ve continued to educate our network of independent real estate professionals, who have become familiar with the power of a fast closing cash non-contingent offer.


When our Cash Offer is combined with our Buy Before You Sell Program (Trade Up), our borrowers gain the ability to negotiate with the strength of an offer that has no financing or current home sales contingencies.

Allowing customers to close quickly brings us closer in our mission to create more equal access to the American Dream of home ownership.

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