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All things mortgage and home-buying: credit score requirements

credit score matters when applying for mortgage

Why Does Your Credit Score Matter When Applying for a Mortgage?

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Can You Still Apply for a Mortgage with a Low or Bad Credit Score?

Your credit is scored in a range from 300 to 850. Generally, a person is considered to have low or bad credit if their score is below 580. About 15% of American consumers have..

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Why Does Your Credit Score Matter If You Are a Home Buyer Putting a Large Down Payment?

As a buyer, your primary focus should be securing a mortgage with favorably low interest rates and a monthly payment that doesn't constrain your budget. But remember, your credit..

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Do All Mortgage Lenders Have the Same Credit Score Requirements?

Why is your credit score an important indicator in the decision of a mortgage lender when asking for a loan? Not only is it important to lenders, but also for your overall..

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