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UpEquity Brings Lightning-Fast All-Cash Offers to California Housing Market

UpEquity Press Room Jan 11, 2022 9:48:55 AM
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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--UpEquity, the tech-enabled mortgage company creating a better way to buy a home, today announced the expansion of its platform into the California real estate market to empower every well-qualified homebuyer to make an all-cash offer.

California is a booming market, with the average home costing around $800,000, which is well above the average in the United States. In competitive markets like this, it’s important to make an offer as appealing as possible. UpEquity is evening the playing field for those well-qualified buyers by removing the financing contingency, making their offer significantly more appealing and likely to be accepted.

“Homebuying is complicated, slow, and uncertain. Our technology-first model removes the stress and pain from the process,” said Tim Herman, CEO and co-founder of UpEquity. “Everyone should be able to have a fighting chance to get into the home they want to buy.”

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