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UpEquity and zavvie Join Forces to Expand Options for Home Sellers, Buyers

UpEquity Press Room Jul 21, 2022 4:02:32 PM

There are two enormous obstacles in today's real estate market: competing against all-cash buyers and the certainty of having a home to move into before you sell. Technology is helping buyers and sellers tackle these obstacles by enabling everyday home buyers to make all-cash offers and allowing sellers to buy their next home before selling their current one.

At the forefront of this movement is UpEquity. A tech-enabled lender, UpEquity is revamping the mortgage process by removing barriers for both buyers and sellers. 

The Austin-based lender is announcing a new collaboration with zavvie, the nation's first real estate brokerage marketplace connecting broker-agents to buyers and sellers. This partnership will expand UpEquity's solutions to real estate brokerages with thousands of agents nationwide.

Posting a growth rate of over 500% last year, UpEquity is available in 15 states — Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas — with plans to add eight more by the end of 2022.

By becoming part of zavvie's real estate brokerage marketplace, UpEquity significantly expands its ability to partner with top brokerages throughout the U.S. that use zavvie's modern marketplace. 

"Most people are stuck buying and selling a home the old-fashioned way, and UpEquity gives buyers and sellers the options they need to make their moves," said Tim Herman, CEO and co-founder of UpEquity. 

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