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Next Stop: The Sunflower State. We're Live in Kansas!

After missing out on the home of his dreams, UpEquity founder Tim Herman decided he wanted to solve accessibility problems in real estate. When he met Louis Wilson at Harvard Business School, the two decided to solve those problems together. And that’s where it all started.

Since its founding in 2019, UpEquity has experienced tremendous growth. In just three years, we've expanded the reach of our two flagship programs, Buy with Cash and Buy Before you Sell, across the country. Now serving Kansas, UpEquity is a licensed mortgage lender, originating home loans in 16 states

From Overland Park to Garden City, nobody understands the local real estate better than Kansans, themselves. To better serve our midwestern markets, we've put together a team of Kansas-based mortgage experts and Loan Originators. 

UpEquity's mission is to transform the home-buying experience by giving every person the opportunity to make a competitive, winning offer on their dream home. As we grow as company, we hope to continue building a better way to buy a home. 

Need help winning your dream home? Get in touch with one of our mortgage experts. 

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